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Meet some of the people of Gaza

Meet Ahmad

We decided to interview a local shopkeeper on his thoughts and feelings about living under occupation.

Ahmad lives in the central part of Gaza, near the sea and runs a convenience store with the assistance of his family members including his brother and cousin. His business relies on customers from nearby hotels including tourists and local residents. He studied at college and is qualified as a business secretary however with the lack of jobs in Gaza he is now responsible for running the store.  Read More........




Hummingbirds of Gaza

"Like the hummingbird the people of Gaza are given no choice but to adapt swiftly to ever changing situations which includes having their houses destroyed, human rights violations and dealing with trauma every single day. The Palestinian people and those in Gaza retain the true spirit of the Hummingbird by remaining joyful, compassionate and sensitive in the face of extreme adversity."

- Sarah -


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