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Oh my God its a dead Fish

Complicity and enabling behaviour

Yesterday I was wandering on the beach in Gaza talking to children and looked down and saw a dead fish. I took a photograph and knew that it would give me the inspiration at some point later in the day to relate it to the situation in Gaza.

When I returned to the hotel I began chatting to a convoy member who mentioned that know one really appeared to care about Gaza. Many of those so called caring people didn't actually even bother to read many of the posts we have done here including their own family members. I've even read between the lines of the some of the comments of people who appear to think that coming here is just one big holiday.  Read More......


The Hummingbirds

Capturing the spirit of the people of Gaza

According to some spiritual people who believe in the power of animal totems the hummingbird symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. This beautiful bird is capable of the most amazing feats despite its small size, such as travelling great distances or being able to fly backwards. The hummingbird invites us to develop our adaptability and resiliency while keeping a playful and optimistic outlook. The Hummingbird also invites us to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and take time to enjoy yourself. On a more extreme level by using the analogy of the Hummingbird you may be required to adapt to a situation that are demanding or challenging. The wisdom carried by this beautiful animal emphasizes flexibility and lightness our approach to the unexpected.  Read more.....


Gaza The Themepark

The ups and downs of living in Gaza

What strikes me the most about the people of Gaza is their ability to be flexible and creative under extreme conditions. Gaza is the victim of severe restrictions as a result of border closures and blockade, which impact even basic supplies including building materials and fuel. For example during the last war, Operation Pillar of Cloud, there were many restrictions including on the supply of gas. As a result some people eventually modified their vehicles and started to use cooking oil to fuel their cars instead of petrol.  Read more.....


First Thoughts on Gaza

On Entering Gaza via the Rafah Crossing

When we arrived through the Rafah crossing terminal after a tenuous journey up through the Sinai with the assistance of one tank and two armoured vehicles one of the participants gave us a piece of paper and asked us to write down how we felt before entering Gaza exercise was to write some words on our first impressions on Gaza.  Read more......


Five Star Hotel in Gaza

A welcoming reception in the heart of Gaza

Written by Špelca Koleša-Golob 

On entering the lovely hotel I'm surrounded with smiling faces of friendly Palestinians, bright, white smiles of innocent children having fun on a small part of the beach guarded with Israeli war ships who are constantly terrorizing Palestinian fishermen and destroying their already weak ships. Surrounded with beauty of the Mediterranean and the sound of waves whispering cruel stories about fishermen of the sea, I enter the hotel.

At the reception I'm warmly welcomed and then when I enter the hotel lobby I see a donkey tied to a pillar, looking at the sky, hoping to serve it's purpose once again one day.  Read more......


The Fisherman of Gaza

Derek Graham speaks on the atrocities happening in Gaza

Today we are supposed to go and join the fisherman of Gaza and see how they deal with the restrictions on fishing. I politely decline knowing I'll end up being sick. We stay back and are given a talk by Derek Graham. He’s an Irishman living in Gaza with his wife. Derek Graham is a member of the Free Gaza Movement and one of the owners of the MV Rachel Corrie

Derek explains some of the desperate conditions the fisherman work in which include only being allowed to fish up to 6 miles out. According to international law they should be allowed to fish up to 20 nautical miles but the Israelis change and bend the rules frequently. Read More......


The Silent Heros of Gaza

First Line Defence Firemen Speak out

Finally I have a chance to interview the fireman. What strikes me the most is the terrible conditions and how old the fireman look. The manager who is wearing glasses looks embarrassed when he tells me he is only 29.

He explains that the building was two stories and was destroyed in the last attack from Israel in 2010. Most of the equipment dates back to 1986, it would all be considered obsolete in the west. Their office comprises of a small brick built building. Most of the time they sleep outside in the makeshift tent. Read more.....



Hummingbirds of Gaza

"Like the hummingbird the people of Gaza are given no choice but to adapt swiftly to ever changing situations which includes having their houses destroyed, human rights violations and dealing with trauma every single day. The Palestinian people and those in Gaza retain the true spirit of the Hummingbird by remaining joyful, compassionate and sensitive in the face of extreme adversity."

- Sarah -


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