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Oh my God its a dead Fish

Complicity and enabling behaviour




Yesterday I was wandering on the beach in Gaza talking to children and looked down and saw a dead fish. I took a photograph and knew that it would give me the inspiration at some point later in the day to relate it to the situation in Gaza.


When I returned to the hotel I began chatting to a convoy member who mentioned that know one really appeared to care about Gaza. Many of those so called caring people didn't actually even bother to read many of the posts we have done here including their own family members. I've even read between the lines of the some of the comments of people who appear to think that coming here is just one big holiday.


So anyway I digress. There's a man here by the name of Derek. He's a true Irish man and really ended up here by accident. Like most who come here he decided to come back and stay in the future and has been living here ever since with his wife. Last night he played a video that included some gut wrenching, vomit inducing footage including a paramedic who desperately tried to put the brains of his best friend back into the head cavity just so that he put a bandage round the persons head and the press “might” take a picture because they certainly aren't going to put one of a person with their brain sprawled out on the side of their face.


During the day he goes out with local fisherman who spend their days risking being shot in order to feed their families. In theory the fisherman should be able to go and fish out up to a distance of 20 kilometres but the Israelis tend to make the rules up as they go along regarding the Palestinians. Currently the distance stands at miles which incidentally breaks all international laws and anyone who goes outside of those boundaries are often killed and shot. Of course this is never going to hit mainstream news and videos like the one he played to convoy members is never going to hit the mainstream news. It was shown to a small audience in Malaysia of about 5000 people. Most could not want and many just looked stunned as they watched graphic video footage.


Derek comment that this was old news but the problem is there is so much old news here in Gaza that has never seen the light of day either because people really don't give a shit and even if they did the footage would be pulled off anyway by the powers that be. Many wouldn't watch it because its too uncomfortable and unpalatable to stomach. It goes back to the three wise monkey syndrome that I wrote about a few months ago. So long as you avoid hearing or speaking and see anything it will just magically go away!


Another convoy member went to the hospital to interview one of the doctors. They still had pictures on their phone from a couple of years ago of many many children either burned alive, had their heads blown off or were maimed and disfigured. Another person posted film footage of a six year old girl who had been maimed and burnt by a phosphorous attack. The Israelis sent in a bulldozer to run over the dead bodies. One English anti Muslim group member posted a single tweet. Fuck Farah


What happens here in Gaza is not just about fisherman or thousands of children being killed, Its not just about the fact the the fish that I photographed on the beach was probably dead because there really aren't any fish in the sea up to 3 miles out because of the tons of sewage going into the water daily that kill them. Its not about the empty spaces between buildings that the Israelis bomb in between already damaged buildings just to “remind” the people of Gaza that they might bomb them at any time in the future. Its not about a six year old who saw her mother burnt alive and lives with the scars of a phosphorous attack EVERY single day. Its not about the nurse whose eyes are dead who works in the hospital who is so traumatised by what they saw that they constantly pick at an open wound on their arm because it provides some kind of comfort to the pain they experiences dealing with trauma all the time. Its not about the doctor who keeps pictures on his phone to remind himself of the atrocities that Israel has done to the children here. Its not about the family members who have seen their children murdered and cannot take it any more and eventually kill themselves by setting themselves alight. Its not about the huge long cues daily for petrol because there are restrictions on fuel. Its not about the fact that most of the food here is inedible and the sea is polluted. Its not about the fisherman who risk their lives on a daily basis just to bring in what other fisherman would just chuck in the sea because otherwise they cannot feed their families.


Its about a multi faceted, multi dimensional psychopathic attack on every level on the financial, emotional, and spiritual welfare of a group of people who are so worn down that their faith is often really the only thing that keeps them going and prevents the majority from committing suicide.


So why the connection with the fish. The reality is that what is happening here is similar to the way in which corporate psychopaths own much of the wealth on the planet. The film “I am Fishhead” describes how the problem doesn't just stem from those in power but the others who look on and become complicit in enabling their behaviour. Multiply that by a few hundred percent and this what you have here in Gaza. Pure psychopathic abuse and manipulation on the most disgusting level.


The problem is that even a fish stinks from the head, no one is really going to do anything much about this situation at all because it doesn't really affect them. Far better to just ignore it look away and hope it will just disappear. Far better to ignore the smell completely and not take responsibility for the problem. Its far easier to be complicit especially when its not happening on your doorstep.


For those of you that do not wish to be complicit or enable psychopathic behaviour there are many many ways in which people can help by spreading awareness. By becoming active participants like Derrick the fisherman. By joining solidarity groups, by avoiding purchasing items that are made in Israel. By visiting Gaza and seeing with your own eyes ! Lets just hope that those of us all doing our bit to help raise awareness eventually bring this fishhead to light because if it smells bad enough eventually people might notice.


In the meantime for those of you that just found this via face book and “liked” it but didn't actual read it or care there's a good chance you too are part of the problem as well.









Hummingbirds of Gaza

"Like the hummingbird the people of Gaza are given no choice but to adapt swiftly to ever changing situations which includes having their houses destroyed, human rights violations and dealing with trauma every single day. The Palestinian people and those in Gaza retain the true spirit of the Hummingbird by remaining joyful, compassionate and sensitive in the face of extreme adversity."

- Sarah -


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